Why Choose Us?

  • We have two skilled orthodontists and a well-trained team.
  • Our goal is to provide quality orthodontic treatment at a reasonable fee without compromise.
  • Dr. Redigonda and Dr. Anderson are both clinicians and educators. They are Adjunct Clinical Professors at the University of Western Ontario.
  • We offer two convenient locations in Stratford and Exeter.
  • You can call our office directly to schedule an appointment for an orthodontic examination. A referral from your general dentist is not required.
  • We offer flexible payment options that will fit your family budget. No interest or taxes are added to your payment plan.
  • Growth and guidance, (observation) appointments, are complimentary. There is no fee until patients are ready for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic examination by age 9 is highly recommended.
  • Complimentary oral hygiene kits with electric toothbrushes are provided to every patient undergoing comprehensive treatment in our office. Our trained staff will discuss proper oral hygiene with you and your child.
  • Free Wi-Fi with iPads are available for your enjoyment in the reception area.
  • We accept different payment options. Visa, MasterCard, Debit and cheques are accepted.
  • Pre-authorized payments can be easily set up for your convenience.
  • You are able to access your office account online and have the ability to print your receipts from home.
  • We offer text and e-mail appointment reminders.
  • We use digital X-rays.
  • We use a computerized patient flow system that allows us to remain on time for your appointments.
  • We sponsor organizations and support charities in our community.
  • Free parking is available.

What Makes Our Office Unique?

  • We are certified orthodontic specialists. Dr. Redigonda and Dr. Anderson are the only orthodontic specialists in Stratford and Exeter. Their specialized, three-year orthodontic graduate training, completed after they were educated as general dentists, enables them to provide their patients with the highest quality, personalized orthodontic treatment plan and care. They are committed to the profession of orthodontics and are licensed to practice exclusively in this specialty.
  • We have multiple office locations to better serve our patients. Our offices are linked by computer access so we can view our patient’s digital records from any office at any time.
  • We have invested in advanced systems that allow us to serve our patients more efficiently. These include automated patient sign-in, automated appointment confirmation, digital imaging and interactive patient education software. Computerized patient education helps us visually explain proposed treatments and how they will affect you or your child’s mouth. 
  • We offer a choice of stainless steel or clear (ceramic) braces. We also offer Invisalign® clear aligner trays (when treatment allows). Dr. Redigonda and Dr. Anderson perform laser and TAD (temporary anchorage devices) procedures in the office.
  • We offer a courtesy to siblings and parents of patients who have been treated in our office.
  • We provide our patients with the courtesy of a professional, friendly phone call before your scheduled appointment. This automated reminder system will even leave a message on your answering machine if you are not at home.
  • Have you heard the latest? T.Link is an innovative service we offer to our patients. If you log onto our website, you will find a secure area where you will be able to access your appointment and account information. Forgot your appointment time? Just log on! Need to see where you stand with your payments? Just log on! It’s that easy! You can access answers to many of your questions 24 hours a day without having to pick up the phone or make a trip to our office.
  • We have a high number of patient referrals and multiple family members in treatment in our office. The highest compliment our patients can give is the referral of their family and friends.